HERMES Self-Service Survey Kiosk for Schools




  • Parent surveys
  • Student surveys
  • Teacher surveys
  • Improvement/needs surveys
  • Baseline surveys
  • Surveys to monitor strategic plans
  • Market surveys

What can I use the Kiosk for?

  • Get feedback from your students, parents and teachers
  • Monitor how well your school is travelling
  • Give stakeholders an opportunity to suggest improvements

What surveys are available in the Kiosk Library?

  • Over 500 topics covering the full range of aspects of schooling
  • Select from over 3000 preformatted questions
  • Have your current surveys added to the Library
  • Request development of new surveys
  • Parent surveys translated into community languages on request
  • Pencil-and-paper parent surveys provided on request

Can I customise my survey?

  • Add your own questions to the survey
  • Upload a jpeg file of your school crest
  • Select colours to give the survey site your look-and-feel

How does the Kiosk ensure high quality data?

  • Totally automated survey administration
  • Automatic follow-up of non-respondents
  • Highly secure, with real-time backup to multiple servers

How can I analyse my data and get a report?

  • Initial data analysis is fully automated
  • You receive an email with a link to your report
  • Reports available within 24-hours of the close of the survey
  • Reports include data tables, graphs and verbatim feedback
  • Cut-and paste tables and graphs into your school publications
  • Drill-down by subgroups for more indepth analysis of the data

How easy is it to use the HSK?

  • No prior survey knowledge required
  • Assemble your survey in 15 minutes
  • Adapt a ready-made survey from the Library
  • Share surveys among teachers at your school
  • Real-time phone support available

How do I access the HERMES Kiosk?

  • Access the Kiosk from the Internet anywhere
  • No software to install on your servers

How do I pay for a subscription?

  • Register your school to pay for a subscription
  • Full access to explore the Kiosk before you buy
  • No limits on the number of surveys or responses

What training do I need?

  • The Kiosk can be used with little or no training
  • Free telephone support provides you with just-in-time help
  • Every screen contains Help buttons
  • Wizard driven — one decision at a TIME

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