This area of the website provides a low-cost self-service event booking and management booking system. The Conference and Workshop Event Management Facility provides an online kiosk for managing professional workshops and conferences. The Kiosk comprises a series of individual modules that can be accessed injdividually or as a bundle.  The facility includes the capacity for you to send a broadcast fax or email to your subscription list or contact list of potential conference participants. This facility is aimed at replacing the work of front office staff in managing staff conferences and other programs that involve participation from outside your organisation. The facility can also be used to book district/regional events and social functions. You must register to use this facility. Following registration you will receive an email message containing the key you will need to use as the 'agent' responsible for managing your event. You will be allocated a separate page for each event with a specific URL that you can use to market your event. In addition, you can customise the page to include your logo and the details of the event. Agents can access an online email system to forward details of the event to individuals who are to be invited to participate. The site is provided for organisations who are operating on a non-profit basis and charges will be set at the minimum level required to cover operating costs and recouping the costs in developing the website. The cost of using the site is considerably below that of alternatives available from commercial event management companies.

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