ProLearning graphic ProLearning will provide a leading-edge real-time performance information, monitoring and reporting system for schools. ProLearning will integrate student learning data — captured via the iTaLAc platform — with survey data from parents, students and teachers — captured via the HERMES platform — to provide real-time performance evidence and reporting for schools.

ProLearning will allow school systems and individual schools to assemble monitoring surveys that link to the strategies and goals in the system and the school’s strategic plan. The schema will allow schools to include targets and access benchmarking data — based on the accumulated data available in the database or as uploaded by the school system. The school will be able to schedule surveys to capture data from samples of parents, students and teachers throughout the year, for example, on a monthly or termly basis. ProLearning will provide advanced reporting options, for example, faculty-level or year-level reports, or reports related to specific subgroups of students (eg. those whose progress is below expected levels).

The survey data capture component of ProLearning is based on the HSK. In the interim term, RADII will design survey sections that can be assembled as the building blocks for school intelligence gathering to monitor progress against annual strategic plans.


Schools and school systems interested in participating in field testing of components of ProLearning are invited to leave a message below.

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