Educational Intelligence

Educational Intelligence
Educational Intelligence* is a family of products that provide the services below.
Educational Analytics is a web-based state-of-the-art multimodal survey engine that captures data through a combination of online, email, hard copy (in multiple languages), SMS and telephone technologies. The multimodal approach ensures data integrity, valid population-frame coverage, and equity of access for all segments of the population.
Educational Analytics maximises response rates, while minimising costs. All critical survey processes are automated — including: survey design, questionnaire construction, survey deployment, follow-up of non-respondents, data entry and reporting.
Educational Analytics powers the Full-Service Surveys conducted by RADII and the Self-Service Survey Kiosks for higher education, tertiary education, and training.
Educational Intelligence* utilises the enormous power of the integrated multimodal engine provided by Educational Analytics to capture time-critical data for decision making (Rapid Intelligence), reporting to monitor operational effectiveness, and to support policy development, planning, evaluation, and accountability.
Rapid Intelligence enables the full cycle of data capture, data analysis and reporting to be completed within 2-days — and as a priority service — within 4-hours.

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